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My name is Jamie Humphries, and I am a mother of one amazing little boy. When I was expecting Fulbright, I was so exhausted and working a full time job and my husband was working full time and going to law school in the evenings. All I wanted was someone to come help me do all the things I was excited for but didn't have the energy to do. That is when this amazing idea came to me! 

What we do

 Are you expecting? Do you need or want help with organizing your nursery and all of those new baby items?  As a mother, I know how exciting and tiring it can be when you are expecting a new bundle of joy. We want everything to be perfect, the baby clothes washed, the house cleaned, the nursery organized and put together. Sometimes, you just can’t get it all done. Maybe you’re on bed rest, maybe you are new to the area and don’t have help, maybe you have other children or responsibilities that don’t leave you much time. Call me, I will be happy to assist you with whatever your nesting solution may be.  

I am a mother who understand that you want to best for your new bundle of joy. I will provide you with the best service to help cover all of your needs, while using only preferred products. 

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